After learning what a wood cutout is, we’ll be going over how we use wood cutouts and how we can customize wood cutouts. They are such a versatile product, that every creator can have so much fun adding custom cutouts to all their designs and products!

How do I use a Wood Cutout?

Ok, now for the fun part! Wood cutouts can be used as wreath attachments, made into wreath rails, or displayed on their own as signs. When you get them from us you can either order them painted or blank. If you get them blank you get to paint them yourself. That means that you can customize them to suit any project that you have in mind!

As a wreath attachment

Using a wood cutout as a wreath attachment is super easy! All you need to do is attach pipe cleaners to the back of the cutout. Then you use the pipe cleaners to attach the cutout to the wreath base. Easy peasy! Whenever I do a tutorial, I show you exactly how to attach your wreath attachment. All you really need to have on hand is some hot glue (or rapid fuse glue – this is my favorite), some craft foam, and a staple gun.
Once you’ve painted and sealed your cutout you can flip it over, add craft foam under each pipe cleaner and secure them in place with glue and staples. The craft foam is there to make the cutout thicker so that when you add staples, they won’t pop through the front. Once the glue is dry you’re ready to add the attachment to your wreath!

As a wreath rail

Wreath rails are my favorite you guys! They are similar to wreaths in how you build them but the shape and function are a bit different. If you want to learn more about what a wreath rail is, I have a post for that too! Basically it is more like a door hanger than a wreath and is the perfect way to make your wood cutout the star of the show!In many cases we offer our wood cutouts already attached to a wreath rail. Other times you can attach your own cutout to the size rail that you have in mind. However you go about it, adding your mesh, ribbons, and bling is the best part!

As a sign

Depending on which cutout you have and how you painted/decorated it, it may be strong enough to stand on its own without ribbons and bows. If this is the case you can display it as a sign. You can either hang it on a wall or set it upright on a table using a sign holder. Using your cutouts this way means you’ll be able to display more of your fabulous work in your home. After all, we only have so many doors right?

How Do You Paint a Wood Cutout?

Ok so you’ve heard me mention painting several times now. You may be wondering how that part works. First of all, if you don’t care to paint your own that’s no problem! I’m happy to paint any of our cutouts for you, just order them that way instead of blank. However, if you love to paint as much as I do, or if you want to be able to customize your cutouts yourself, painting them is the way to go!

Many of the cutouts come with etching on them. The etching makes lines that you can see but that aren’t cut all the way through the wood. The lines make the cutouts kind of like a coloring book but for paint! Having those lines there makes it really easy to paint the design even if you’re not an accomplished painter. And it’s sooo much fun! I do tutorials all the time showing you how to paint our wood cutouts. We also have a Painting Blanks group where we learn, chat, and paint together!

I hope that you’re feeling inspired to add wood cutouts to your crafting line-up! They add so much beauty and variety to your creations. And we have so many available to choose from. You’re sure to find at least one that will fit your interests or the theme you’re looking for. I hope you have as much fun with these as I do!

If you need any help with painting your own wood signs or wreath rails and decorating your custom wreath rails, be sure to check out more of our tutorials on Hot Mesh Mom Blog.

We would love to see your amazing wreath rail designs! Please share with us over at the Hot Mesh Mom Facebook.

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