One of the questions that Richard and I get asked a lot is “What is the difference between a wood cutout and a wreath rail?” Today we are giving you all the answers friends!

One of the great things about owning a creative business is that we can tailor our products to meet your needs and wants! You’ve helped us to design some amazing products that can be transformed into fabulous custom creations. We know that sometimes it can be a little confusing keeping the products straight. Especially if you’re new to the wreath making community or new to us. So, today we are going to clear things up a bit by explaining the difference between a wood cutout and wreath rail!

Difference between a Wood Cutout and a Wreath Rail

We can start by talking about what wood cutouts and wreath rails have in common! They are both used for making fabulous door decor, are made of wood, and can be ordered in several different sizes. They both come in a variety of fun and fabulous designs. We have designs available for every holiday and season as well as great options for everyday creations. They are both designed by me and cut and/or engraved by Richard using our laser cutter. And, you can order both either painted by me or blank so you can paint them yourself and really let your creativity flow. So, you’re probably asking, what’s the difference then?!?!

What is a Wood Cutout?

A wood cutout is a piece that stands on its own. It’s basically a sign. It can be any shape, size, or design. For instance, we have everything from cutouts that say “Hello Spring” to adorable snowmen and elves for winter decor. And everything in between! Typically the wood cutout will also have faint lines engraved on it which makes it super simple to paint. It’s kind of like a coloring book! I love to paint but I also love that the lines on the cutouts take the guesswork out of the process for me. It also means that you can easily paint your own whether you have a lot of painting experience or not!

What is a Wood Cutout used for?

There are a few different ways you can use a wood cutout but the most popular is on a wreath. These pretties are simple to use as a wreath sign or attachment. Usually I just attach some pipe cleaners to the back of one after I’ve painted it and add it to a grapevine or deco mesh wreath. Another way you can use them is as a stand alone decor item. All you need for this is a sign holder and you can place your cutout on a table or your mantle. The cutouts are also really cute in centerpieces. They become the focal point of this type of creation and add a lot of depth, dimension, and fun!

What is a Wreath Rail?

A wreath rail is basically two parts in one. It has the sign and a rail for decorating but it is all one piece. No need to attach anything on your own! The rail part of the wreath rail is just like it sounds. It is a rectangle that is cut out of wood and has three bars. This is where all the fun stuff gets attached like mesh, ribbons, florals, etc. The sign part is like the wood cutout I talked about earlier but it is attached to the rail. The sign is the main part of your creation and can be designed and painted just like a wood cutout. Once you’ve painted the sign part and added all the pretty and fun embellishments to the rail you have one fabulous piece of door decor!

What is a Wreath Rail used for?

A wreath rail is similar to a wreath or a door hanger. It is designed to hang on your door or as a piece of wall art. The thing that makes wreath rails so great though is that you have control over the whole project! Not only do you get to pick the size and design, you can also customize the whole creation yourself. If you were to find a sign you loved somewhere, you’d need to also need to grab ribbon that would match it. If you find some fabulous ribbon you want to use, you’d have to find a sign that would compliment it. Since you can paint a wreath rail any way you choose, there is now extra searching and planning needed. You can paint your wreath rail any way you like!

Another great thing about a wreath rail is that you can change it up if you want to. If you still love the sign part, but are getting bored with what you added to the rail, just swap it out! It is easy to take the mesh and bows off of the rail and add new shades or take it a whole new way. That’s not so easy with a wreath.

If you sell your handmade creations, there’s another perk for you. You can take the same wreath rail and paint it and decorate it in different ways. Add each of those variations to your shop and you have several different listings that come from one base. You’ll become a pro at painting and decorating that design which will save you time. It would also be super easy to batch them out and make multiples which saves even more time!

So that’s the difference between a wood cutout and a wreath rail friends! They both make beautiful decor items, but in slightly different ways. I hope this helps you decide which one is the perfect fit for you. And remember, it doesn’t have to be either or! I have so much fun with both of these. When I’m in the mood for a traditional wreath, I use a wood cutout. When I’m feeling more like a door hanger, that means I’m grabbing a wreath rail. You can’t go wrong with either and I hope you have as much fun with both of them as I do!

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